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Nous sommes enchantées de vous présenter ce blog! Nous, étudiantes (et futures professeurs) de français, voulons partager cette langue et toute la culture francophone avec tous vous. Soyez libres pour nous demander ce que vous voulez voir dans le blog et nous le tiendrons en compte.

Good day!

We are pleased to present you this blog! We, french students (and future french teachers), want to share with all of you this language and all the French-speaking culture. Feel free to ask us everything you want to see in this blog and we'll take account of this.

About us!
Bonjour nos amis!

We’d like to make a formal presentation before starting to post in the blog, so here it is.

First our Admin Alejandra!:

Hi, my name’s Alejandra. I’m 21 years old and I’m a French Philology student at the National University of Colombia. I like reading, music (rock mostly), languages, technology, science, geek’s stuff, videogames, anime, playing guitar, soccer, drawing, and joking around. I like french not only because its beauty, but because it includes a huge amount of interesting aspects about the French-speaking culture (that’s not only France actually), its literature, its people, its tradition, all that show the essence of human being… and by learning this beautiful language, we can get closer to this wonderful world. I want to encourage you to learn new things, new ideas, new ways of flirting with your girl(boy)friend xD… because, you know, there’s so much in the world, and life’s too short to discover it!

So feel free to ask me whenever you need an advice, a traduction, an explanation, etc… We’re here ready to help you out with your français learning so…

Hope you enjoy

À bientôt

Next, the second Admin Lulu!


My name is Leslie, but I like being called Lulu, so it’s just fine if you call me like that. I, as my fellow admin, am a French Philology student at the National University of Colombia. Yes, we study together xD We love the french language and everything that has to do with it. I am open to any questions, requests or whatever you may want from me.

I like plenty of things, I also like the japanese language and culture, all craft projects and that kind of things. Feel free to follow us on our own blogs if you want. 

I don’t know what else to say that my lovely partner didn’t say yet, so it’s fine now.

We hope you enjoy the blog, and remember you can ask or request us everything you may want to know.

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